Swindon Suffragette March and Rally

In October 2015, to tie in with the release of the film ‘Suffragette’ we staged a costumed march and rally through Old Town, the place where Edith New was born and raised.

We assembled at The Lawns and then marched down Wood Street and Bath Road, down Kent Road and into Radnor Street Cemetery where we were greeted by the Swindon Community Choir singing Ethel Smyth’s The March of the Women. Sixth Sense Theatre Company (as they were then) put on a powerful piece of theatre amongst the crowd assembled in the Chapel and a few speeches were given.

Here are some photographs of the event that were shared on our facebook page at the time, please note that we do not own the copyright for all of these images and they should not be used elsewhere.


Author: Leah

Unapologetic feminist, wannabe time traveller, sometime suffragette, bookworm, mother, aspiring writer, proficient procrastinator - I wish I still had pink hair. https://www.ko-fi.com/leahbh

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