Votes for Women – Vote for Someone!

In 1907, when suffragette Edith New was arrested and imprisoned for the first time, the Prime Minister was Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman of the Liberal Party.  He resigned and was succeeded in 1908 by Herbert Henry Asquith and in 1910 the Liberals won for the last time with the support of the Irish Nationalists.

For Edith’s family back at home in Swindon the men in December 1910 voted as part of the Cricklade Parliamentary Borough.  They had two choices: Liberal candidate Richard Cornthwaite Lambert and Liberal Unionist Thomas Charles Pleydell Calley and the Liberals won by a majority of 128.

Swindon did not get its own constituency until 1918 when it elected one MP.  In 1997 Swindon split into North and South and now elects two MPs.  Edith New and her family lived in various homes in Old Town which now falls under the South Swindon constituency.

On June 8th women and men in South Swindon will have the choice of four candidates and we have offered all candidates the opportunity to share their election pledges and campaign.

The candidates are Sarah Church for the Labour Party, Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn for the Green Party, Stan Pajak for Liberal Democrats and Robert Buckland for the Conservatives.

You still have until the 22nd May to register to vote online

This takes 5 minutes and if you are living in the UK all you will need is your National Insurance number and details of your name and address.  If you are living abroad and applying to vote by proxy or postal vote you will need your Passport Number as well.

If you need help registering, learning about your candidates, finding your polling station or voting on the day please get in touch as we know of a number of volunteers, including ourselves who would be happy to help you.

Edith New was imprisoned several times, and went on hunger strike, to enable women to have their voices heard and be able to vote.  We implore women and men everywhere to turn out for this important election and vote.


Author: Leah

Previously an organiser of Swindon Suffragette events in 2015/2016 along with Historian Frances Bevan (Swindon in the Past Lane blog).

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