Swindon Suffragette Shopping

We’ve got a few items left over from our Women’s Art and Craft Sale so thought we’d offer people the chance to buy online. Just email us if you would like to order something and you can send the money via PayPal friends and family option or bank transfer. If you’re local to Swindon we might even be able to deliver.

We have four A5 spiral notebooks, they have a glossy soft cover and 150 pages of 90gsm lined paper, in two designs. The first design is an altered image of Edith New’s WSPU portrait, it has a smashed glass effect as Edith New and Mary Leigh were the first suffragettes to smash windows as a form of protest, a tactic later adopted by the WSPU. The second design is an altered image taken from a photograph of Edith New on her release from Holloway for the aforementioned window smashing incident. £7 each (this includes second class postage).


We have a number of notecards, these are 14x11cm, blank inside and come with a white envelope. They feature three glossy images of Edith New. The same two as the notebooks above and an altered image taken from a newspaper photo of Edith New being arrested after chaining herself to railings outside Downing Street. The text reads ‘well-behaved women seldom make history’. Three cards, one of each design, £3.50 (this includes second class postage).


We have limited numbers of various designs of our small button badges, any three cost £3.50 (including second class postage) or buy three cards and three badges for £5 (including second class postage).


All items were exclusively designed and made for the Swindon Suffragette Festival Women’s Art and Craft Sale, in order to celebrate and remember Edith’s contribution. Money raised has gone towards supporting the free activities and events we organise.


On this day 140 years ago…

Edith New was born – Happy Birthday Edith!

We are very fortunate to be able to share some family photos of Edith, before and after her career as a suffragette, these are owned by her great-niece and held in a private collection (copyright applies).

Edith (left), brother Frederick, mother Isabella (centre), sister Ellen (standing), as yet unidentified young man
Another family photo, Edith is at the front, now wearing her hair up
Edith was a teacher, here she is with her class at St Mary’s School in Lewisham
74 Edith and Nea
Edith and her companion Nea, who she was still living with at her death in 1951
Edith in Cornwall, she is buried in Polperro where she lived after retiring
Edith (without hat) and friend
Edith (with hat) and friends
Edith (back row)
75 Edith and Nea
Edith (without hat) and Nea
Edith with her sister Ellen and great-niece Mary

Welcome to our new blog

The small but perfectly formed ‘Swindon Suffragette’ team of local historian Frances Bevan and event organiser Leah Bevan-Haines began holding events in October 2015, often in partnership with Swindon Heritage.

This blog will keep you up to date with events planned to take place in 2018 to celebrate the achievements of the suffrage movement and in particular Edith New, Swindon Suffragette.